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Realising who I was helped my football: Edwards

Last week’s Indigenous Camp provided players with a chance to share their thoughts on the competition, learn from other Indigenous players and develop as leaders. On top of all that, it provided players with an opportunity to reflect.

Richmond midfielder Shane Edwards took the opportunity to consider his personal identity, how he’s changed throughout his time in the game and what he hopes to achieve in the years to come.

“A big part about realising who I was has directly influenced how well I’ve played football, mainly because knowing more about myself means that I can be more of myself on the field,” Edwards said.

“It’s hard to explain, but I’ll be the best me that I can be out there.

“Being a reserved person, and not speaking up a lot, has allowed me to learn a lot more and absorb a lot more things. But at the same time, that hinders me in improving.  So I need to realise what my strengths and weaknesses are.”

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