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See the Players’ 22Under22 teams

Thousands of votes have been cast since 22Under22 voting opened on August 20. A host of the AFL’s biggest names have got involved too, by picking their own 22Under22 teams.

You can vote for your 22Under22 team here.

Jack Gunston, Dyson Heppell, Brodie Smith and Daniel Talia proved the most popular players amongst the teams below, appearing in every side. Team loyalty was also a common theme, with many players voting for the nominees from their respective clubs.


The Crows and the Power may be rivals but it didn’t stop Alipate Carlile from selecting both nominees from Adelaide.

Alipate Carlile 22Under22

andrew swallow’s 22under22 team

Andrew Swallow 22Under22

Ben Howlett’s 22under22 team

Ben Howlett 22Under22

BRIAN Lake’s 22Under22 Team

Luke Breust’s 22under22 team

bryce gibbs’ 22under22 team

Bryce Gibbs 22Under22

daniel merrett’s 22under22 team

Daniel Merrett appeared to vote with his head and not his heart, selecting five of his Gold Coast rivals.

Daniel Merrett 22Under22

farren ray’s 22under22 team

Farren Ray 22Under22

hamish hartlett’s 22under22 team

Hamish Hartlett showed he’s a ruthlessl, hard marker when it comes to his teammates, leaving Jared Polec out of his side and picking Ollie Wines and Chad Wingard on the bench!

Hamish Hartlett 22Under22

jack trengove’s 22under22 team

Jack Trengove 22Under22

kade simpson’s 22under22 team

Kade Simpson 22Under22

sam jacobs’ 22under22 team

Sam Jacobs 22Under22

todd Goldstein’s 22under22 team

Todd Goldstein 22Under22

The final 22Under22 team will be announced at the AFL Players’ MVP Awards on Tuesday, September 9. Voting closes tomorrow night so it’s your last chance to select your team!

You can vote for your 22Under22 team here.