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Selwood’s To Launch Children’s Books

If you’ve ever wondered what it would’ve been like growing up in the Selwood household as one of four brothers, now’s your chance to find out.

Partnering with publisher HarperCollins and author Tony Wilson, the Selwood brothers Adam, Troy, Joel and Scott are set to launch their own series of children books detailing various shenanigans during their childhood.

Speaking to Geelong skipper Joel Selwood said rehashing old memories for the books’ content helped the close-knit brothers bond even more.

“Just to relay these stories again was even good for us, it brings us as brothers closer together,” Joel said.

Youngest brother Scott also said Wilson perfectly captured the brothers individual characteristics throughout the series.

“I think he nailed the characters as well in terms of who is the cheeky one and all that sort of stuff, so I think that comes across really well in the books and relating the characters to us in real life.”

And while the backyard games might be a bit unfair throughout the books as they were when the brothers were kids, Joel said family gatherings generally produce a better contest these days.

“Mum always said that we would grow and be stronger than them [older brothers Adam and Troy] and she was right because we are stronger than them right now and would comfortably beat them in a fight.”

The Selwood Boys: Battle Royale and The Selwood Boys: The Miracle Goal will be released in November with plans to release the third and fourth books in March 2017.