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Statement: Optus Stadium Fence

Statement to be attributed to AFLPA General Manager of Player and Stakeholder Relations, Brett Murphy.

“What occurred at Optus Stadium on the weekend was unacceptable and fell short of the professional standards our game demands.

The football field is the players’ workplace, and players have a right to a workplace which does not pose an unreasonable risk to their health and safety.

We have discussed this matter with the AFL, and to its credit, it has taken immediate action to mitigate the risk to players this weekend and into the future.

We have also spoken to players at each of the affected clubs to ensure they are comfortable with the steps being put in place.

The AFLPA’s General Manager of Legal and Player Affairs, James Gallagher, will fly to Perth to inspect the venue ahead of this weekend’s match and we will continue to work with the AFL to ensure player health and safety is prioritised at all venues.”