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The best quotes from your club’s new recruits

The dust has finally settled after a fascinating trade period that saw more than 40 players find a new home.

In the aftermath, we’ve heard stories about childhood dreams that have become a reality, friends and family members becoming reunited, and the influence players such as Gary Ablett and Scott Pendlebury have had on younger teammates and opponents.

These are our favourite reactions from your club’s newest recruits.

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Adelaide Crows

Ins: Paul Seedsman (Collingwood), Curtly Hampton (GWS Giants), Dean Gore (Geelong Cats), Troy Menzel (Carlton)

Curtly Hampton – “Last season here at Adelaide Oval, I had to do a job on Eddie Betts.

“He was on fire, I think he had a bag of five the week before and four goals before that so I was pretty nervous. I held him to one goal, which he got from the umpire – the umpire blocked me in a marking contest.

“I’m sure Eddie remembers that but he was a very tough opponent so I’m glad I don’t have to be playing on him anymore and hopefully I’ll be kicking the ball to him.”

Paul Seedsman – “Talking to Don Pyke and visiting the Club, I’m really impressed with the Crows and their direction.

“I feel like this is the right environment for me to improve and also be part of team success, which is what we all play for.”

Dean Gore – “I’ve chosen the Adelaide Footy Club and I can’t wait to get stuck into it. It’s going to be a great opportunity for me to improve my footy and is, hopefully, one step forward to getting into an AFL side, which is what I’ve wanted to do since I was really young.

“I supported the Crows growing up and went to a lot of games. To hopefully one day pull on the Crows jumper will be a great moment.”

Troy Menzel – “It’s been a very hectic, but exciting couple of days.

“Being able to come back to my hometown of Adelaide is very exciting for me and going through the club and seeing a couple of things, I’m very excited to get started at the Crows.

“All my brothers are big Crows fans so they’re really pumped for me to play for the Crows and I think mum’s pretty wrapped to see me come home.”

Brisbane Lions

Ins: Josh Walker (Geelong Cats), Jarrad Jansen (Geelong Cats), Tom Bell (Carlton), Ryan Bastinac (North Melbourne)

Tom Bell – “I grew up supporting the Lions so it’s nice to come home and finally don the colours.

“Carlton was really understanding of my position and they really helped me to come back and make it smooth sailing. At the moment, I’m getting used to knowing everyone and getting used to the names.”


Ins: Sam Kerridge (Adelaide Crows), Lachie Plowman (GWS Giants), Jed Lamb (GWS Giants), Andrew Phillips (GWS Giants), Liam Sumner (GWS Giants)


Ins: Jeremy Howe (Melbourne), Adam Treloar (GWS Giants), James Aish (Brisbane Lions)

Jeremy Howe – “My old man ran into Bucks one day and managed to get his signature for me. It was massive highlight for me, I was only 13 at the time. His signature pretty much lived where my driver’s license is meant to go until it deteriorated.

“That was a pretty good memory for me so being able to play underneath him is going to be pretty exciting.”

Adam Treloar – “In one of my first games I got to play on Scott Pendlebury. It was my best game at that stage of my career and I remember, I don’t know why, he told me where to run and I ran and got the footy. So I thanked him for it but I think because we have a lot of respect for each other, when I made my decision he was one of the first people I spoke to.

“He’s been great for me already and I can’t wait to play under him.”

James Aish – “Matt Scharenberg and I grew up going through the SA systems and played state football together where we were really close and had a good group of mates there.

“I tried to get bits and pieces out of him in the last few weeks about the club and he’ll be really good to help ease me into the club and meet everyone. It’ll be really exciting to play with him again, I didn’t think that would ever happen and I can’t wait for that.”


Ins: Craig Bird (Sydney Swans), Matthew Leuenberger (Brisbane Lions)

Matthew Leuenberger – “I’m used to playing in front of not too many people up at the Gabba so when there’s the opportunity to play in an Anzac Day game when there’s 80,000 or 90,000 people, I’ve never experienced that in nine years of playing.

“That’d be pretty cool, something different and I look forward to the experience of it.”


Ins: Harley Bennell (Gold Coast Suns)

Harley Bennell “I’m excited about returning home to WA and joining Fremantle.

“My main focus now is to knuckle down and have a solid pre-season over the coming months.”

Geelong Cats

Ins: Zac Smith (Gold Coast Suns), Lachie Henderson (Carlton), Scott Selwood (West Coast Eagles), Patrick Dangerfield (Adelaide Crows)

Lachie Henderson – “We (Dangerfield and I) had a good year together down at the Falcons, and we’ve stayed in touch ever since. We’re pretty good mates and our families are pretty close too, so it’ll be good to play with him.”

Patrick Dangerfield – “It’s really exciting meeting a whole lot of new guys. Footy clubs are really similar and are full of wonderful people and I enjoy spending time with new people and making new friends.”

Zac Smith – “We’re (Gary Ablett and I) good mates so over the period of time we’ve known each other, he’s always spoken about Geelong and compared the standards to ours and how good it is down here.

“I spoke to him a little bit about it over the last couple of months and he just confirmed what I already knew.”

Scott Selwood – “A locker next to Joel might not be the best thing. We’re already pretty close so any closer and we might start a few fights between us.

“I’ve played on him and he’s touched me up a couple of times but it’s exciting to be a part of a playing group I admire.”

Gold Coast Suns

Ins: Daniel Currie (North Melbourne), Matt Rose (West Coast Eagles)

Daniel Currie – “With the addition of me and losing Zac Smith, it keeps the competition for spots healthy and drives the club to improve further. Hopefully we can all work together, drive each other and play in the same side if all is going well.”

GWS Giants

Ins: Steve Johnson (Geelong Cats), Dawson Simpson (Geelong Cats)

Steve Johnson – “Everyone knows the GIANTS have an outstanding playing list and that was certainly a big influence on my decision to join them. But I’ve been impressed by a range of things at the GIANTS and in the end the decision was quite straight forward.

“I believe I still have a lot to offer as an AFL player and I wouldn’t be continuing my playing career unless I thought I could make a difference. I believe this club has a great opportunity to be successful and it’s an exciting time to be joining a young up and coming team.”

Dawson Simpson – “I’m not a real big footy head so I don’t know a lot of players outside of who I’m associated with, so coming up with Stevie makes the transition a lot easier.

“I’ve known him eight years now and, playing together in the midfield, he knows how to get a lot of out of different players and certainly knows how to get the most out of me.”


Ins: Jack Fitzpatrick (Melbourne)


Ins: Tomas Bugg (GWS), Ben Kennedy (Collingwood), Jake Melksham (Essendon)

North Melbourne

Ins: Jed Anderson (Hawthorn)

Port Adelaide

Ins: Charlie Dixon (Gold Coast Suns), Jimmy Toumpas (Melbourne)

Jimmy Toumpas – “I was actually a Brisbane Lions supporter so meeting (Port assistant) Michael Voss was pretty special. He gave me a call yesterday and I was in awe of that but obviously I know the rich history of Port and everything it stands for.

“It definitely does help being a SA boy and really appreciating how rich the history at the club is.”


Ins: Jacob Townsend (GWS Giants), Chris yarran (Richmond)

St Kilda

Ins: Jake Carlisle (Essendon), Nathan Freeman (Collingwood)

Sydney Swans

Ins: Callum Sinclair (West Coast Eagles)

Callum Sinclair – “I’ve only heard positive stuff about the Swans from all over the AFL. They’ve got a really strong culture, a great leadership group and a great bunch of guys.

“I’m just really excited to meet everyone. I’m a little bit nervous about it all, I don’t really know about Sydney but hopefully the boys get around me.”

West Coast Eagles

Ins: Lewis Jetta (Sydney Swans), Jonathan Giles (Essendon), Jack Redden (Brisbane Lions)

Western Bulldogs

Ins: Matt Suckling (Hawthorn)

Matt Suckling – “They’ve got a very strong back six. If I could fit in anywhere, on the wing or at half-forward… But I won’t be the sub, which is nice!

“Our [Beveridge and my] personalities are very similar, we’ve got similar values and views on things and he really likes players to enjoy themselves and just play to their strengths. That’s something I like doing and that’s probably why we have a good relationship.”