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The Players’ View – Drew Petrie

North Melbourne veteran Drew Petrie opens up about buying his first home and the changes in mindset within the footy club, in an exclusive video for, brought to you by

When North Melbourne’s Drew Petrie made his debut early in 2001, the game was a little different.

When the Kangaroos took on defending premiers Essendon in Round 1 that year, Melbourne’s Shane Woewodin was the reigning Brownlow Medallist and a raw Nick Riewoldt was nursing a knee concern after being taken with the No.1 draft pick.

Petrie also remembers the differences in the mindset within the clubs walls, particularly when it came to what the player values.

“When I started back in 2001, it was buy a house, pay the house off and then buy a car,” Petrie says to

“But now it’s buy a fancy car, buy fancy clothes, buy a thousand watches, have all the devices and then maybe if you have some leftover try and build up a deposit for a property, so it’s totally the opposite to when I started.

“All of our young guys aren’t in the property market because they’re worried about how they look and how their profile and public image goes.”

The 34-year-old stayed true to the older mentality and dabbled in the property market with his own investment after buying a small house in his home town of Ballarat.

Petrie has real estate in his genes and grew up learning about the caper with father Trevor firmly entrenched in the property market in Ballarat since 1978.

But he’s not alone as the club’s property king, with a few senior teammates also taking pride in their own portfolios.

“Scotty Thompson is probably one, he’s actually really smart with property and he does a lot of research,” he said.

“Brent Harvey’s set himself up extremely well. I was living with Brent for two years and in that time he was really active in investing in residential and a bit of commercial as well. So Brent is really well set up for after footy.”

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