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The players’ views on booing Adam Goodes

There’s been much commentary surrounding the ongoing booing of Adam Goodes this week. Here are some of the players’ comments on the issue.


Brendon goddard – essendon midfielder, speaking on afl 360

“From our (the AFLPA’s) point of view, and from my personal opinion, it’s a bad look and it’s got to stop.

“We need to respect Adam (Goodes) and how he’s feeling, and not only Adam but (Lewis) Jetta and the rest of the indigenous players.

“If he feels that it’s racist, it is. So going forward it needs to stop. If there’s any continual booing going forward it will be considered racist.

“It is an extreme case of bullying and I think we all should acknowledge that,” he said.

Bob Murphy – Western Bulldogs captain, as published in The Age

“The weight and pain Adam has carried was seemingly too much. Every time I’ve heard the boos of this mob I’ve hung my head in despair, chin to chest.

“I suspect it’s been the same for some players at every club in the AFL. There is no training or armour for those kinds of hits to the soul.”

Click here to read Murphy’s piece in full.

Sam Docherty – Carlton midfielder and AFL players’ Association delegate

“I know if it was happening to me it would have a massive effect on me… It just needs to stop.

“It’s up to the individual but as a whole playing group, it’s becoming really harsh on Goodesy himself – whether it was intentionally supposed to be racist to begin with, it’s certainly coming across that way now… I just don’t think that’s a way we want to see out one of our stars.

“I know it’s very hard to change the public perception, and coming from a players’ point I’d personally just love to see it stop, and celebrate a champion of our game.”

AFL 2015 Rd 09 - Sydney v Carlton


Jordan Lewis – Triple-premiership hawk, after Sunday’s match

“I think the (booing) Adam Goodes thing has probably gone on too long, and supporters need to show a little bit more respect.

“I watched the game on TV – I don’t know what supporters are getting at and what they get out of it.

“I don’t like it, I think it should stop.”


“When my seven year old son asked me why the crowd are booing uncle (Goodes) that’s when it really hit home for me.

“James said, has ‘Adam done something wrong?’ And I said no, mate. We used to go to away games but why would I take my son now?”

AFL 2012 Rd 05 - Hawthorn v Sydney

Allen Christensen – Brisbane Lions midfielder, who’ll play against his old side Geelong this week

“I find it a bit disrespectful and it’s hard to go into it because I don’t really know why people are booing.

“That’s the difference – I know why I’ll get booed this week, I don’t know why he’s getting booed.”


“We believe that Adam has been vilified for calling out racism, for expressing his views on Aboriginal issues, and for celebrating and promoting his proud cultural background.

“This is not something for which Adam should be vilified – it is something for which he should be celebrated.”

Click here to read the full statement from AFL Players’ CEO Paul Marsh