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Tom v Oscar McDonald

It’s been a good year for the McDonald brothers.

Tom is playing the best footy of his career, and will be in the mix for All-Australian selection at season’s end if his good form continues.

His younger brother, Oscar is settling well into life in the AFL system, and has Tom to show him the ropes at Melbourne.

For the first time in a few years, the brothers are getting to spend a bit of time together.

“I was away in boarding school in year 12, and then he was away at school,” Tom said last year.

“Table tennis would end up in broken bats, and tennis racquets would be smashed” – Tom McDonald on his rivalry with Oscar

After being selected by Melbourne with pick 53 in the 2014 National Draft – the exact pick the Demons used to secure Tom in 2010 – Oscar moved in with his older brother.

The two brothers are a little more mature than when they last lived together, things are going well.

“There were a lot more tears than fun times, I reckon, when we were kids,” Tom told this week.

“There was fighting and competitiveness. Table tennis would end up in broken bats, and tennis racquets would be smashed.”

And while Tom and Oscar are now 22 and 19 years old, respectively, the sibling rivalry is far from over.

Tom’s a few years more advanced when it comes to footy, but Oscar holds the edge when it comes to their other pastime – golf.

“Me, Tom and Dom Tyson went to Riversdale, [which is] considered one of the better courses in Melbourne, I guess,” Oscar said.

“Tom was throwing the club against the bag… It didn’t look good, but there’s been no clubs snapped yet.”

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