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Top swap: Judd and Guthrie in shock trade

Geelong midfielder Cameron Guthrie and Carlton champion Chris Judd turned back the clock after Friday night’s clash at Etihad Stadium.

In a touching moment after the Cats beat the Blues, Guthrie approached childhood idol Judd and asked if they could swap jumpers.

While some believed it was an indication Judd was set to call time on his magnificent career, Guthrie said it was a plan years in the making.

The Geelong player promised himself that if he ever got the chance to get his jumper he’d go for it.

“I guess you see it a bit in the American and European sports leagues and I thought going into the game if I got a chance after the game I might ask him,” Guthrie said.

“He was happy to hand it over. I might go home and hang it up on the wall or something like that.

“I think (he was surprised). He just said ‘oh yeah why not’.

“It was a bit of a process though — his GPS was in the back of the jumper so we were out there for a while fiddling around with that.

“He’s a great player and someone I really looked up to growing up. I have that possession and I hold it with pride now.

“I might have to chase him up and get him to sign it. Hopefully I can frame it up and hang it somewhere nice at home.”