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Women’s Footy: Everything You Need To Know

A little more than a month ago, the 2016 AFL season came to a close.

Now, 40 days since the Dogs claimed their second AFL premiership, the majority of the bottom eight sides have commenced pre-season training, with the first to four year players blowing out the cobwebs on the track ahead of their elder comrades.

But before the men pull on the boots for premiership points, the AFL Women’s league is set to kick off for its inaugural season, with Round 1 likely to be in the first week of February, 2017.

And with less than three months before the first ball is bounced, here’s everything you need to know about the new national women’s competition.


8 — the number of teams granted AFL licenses for the inaugural competition — Adelaide, Brisbane, Carlton, Collingwood, Fremantle, Greater Western Sydney, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs.

218 — the number of players featuring in the league’s maiden season.

2 — the number of months that will oversee the duration of the AFLW season. This includes seven home and away season matches and a finals series, which will be played as a combination of stand-alone games and pre and post NAB Challenge fixtures integrated into the start of the 2017 AFL season.

24 — the duration of each playing contract in weeks.

16 — the number of players from each side on the field at one time, with six on the bench. The matches will also feature a smaller footy compared to their male counterparts.

15 — the number of minutes each of the four quarters will go for per match, plus time on.

$2.275M — the total player payments, including $8,500 base payments, $12,000 for priority selections and rookies and $17,000 for marquee players in 2017 — including superannuation and annual leave but excluding private health insurance.

290 — the approximate number of hours of commitment in total, including nine hours of training per week and 20 hours of appearances across the length of the contract.

2 — pairs of boots and one pair of runner to be provided to the players – with additional footwear available.

80 — the number of dollars for each night spent away from home when travelling to play.

10,000 — the number of relocation dollars for marquee players, with $5,000 for priority players — further support can be provided at each clubs’ discretion.



Draft selections — 18: 7: Ebony Marinoff, 10: Heather Anderson, 23: Jenna McCormick, 26: Deni Varnhagen, 39: Sally Riley, 42: Georgia Bevan, 55: Sophie Armistead, 58: Talia Radan, 71: Rachael Killian, 74: Rhiannon Metcalfe, 87: Anne Hatchard, 90: Tayla Thorn, 103: Abbey Holmes, 106: Stevie-Lee Thompson, 119: Jessica Sedunary, 122: Sarah Allan, 134: Justine Mules, 136: Monique Hollick.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 6: Chelsea Randall (marquee), Kellie Gibson (marquee), Courtney Cramey (priority pick), Angela Foley (priority pick), Erin Phillips (rookie), Jasmine Anderson (rookie).

Free agents — 3: Lauren O’Shea, Sarah Perkins, Dayna Cox


Draft selections — 18: 2: Emily Bates, 15: Tahlia Randall, 18: Nicole Hildebrand, 31: Leah Kasler, 34: Jessica Wuetschner, 47: Alexandra Anderson, 50: Breanna Koenen, 63: Megan Hunt, 66: Samantha Virgo, 79: Kate Lutkins, 82: Kate McCarthy, 95: Shaleise Law, 98: Selina Goodman, 111: Sharni Webb, 114: Nikki Wallace, 127: Jamie Stanton, 128: Jade Ransfield, 141: Brittany Gibson.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 6: Tayla Harris (marquee), Sabrina Frederick-Traub (marquee), Emma Zielke (priority pick), Kaitlyn Ashmore (priority pick), Kate Deegan (rookie), Delissa Kimmince (rookie).

Free agents — 3: Caitlin Collins, Shannon Campbell, Jordan Membrey


Draft selections — 19: 3: Bianca Jakobsson, 14: Kate Gillespie-Jones, 19: Sarah Hosking, 30: Gabriella Pound, 35: Danielle Hardiman, 46: Shae Audley, 51: Isabella Ayre, 62: Lauren Brazelle, 67: Breann Moody, 78: Jess Hosking, 83: Natalie Plane, 94: Sarah Last, 99: Tilly Lucas-Rodd, 110: Katie Loynes, 115: Madeline Keryk, 126: Kate Darby, 129: Alison Downie, 140: Laura Attard, 142: Rebecca Privitelli.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 5: Brianna Davey (marquee), Darcy Vescio (marquee), Lauren Arnell (priority pick), Natalie Exon (rookie), Kate Shierlaw (rookie).

Free agents — 3: Alison Brown, Jessica Kennedy, Hayley Trevean


Draft selections — 19: 6: Nicola Stevens, 11: Stephanie Chiocci, 22: Sarah D’Arcy, 27: Brittany Bonnici, 38: Bree White, 43: Caitlyn Edwards, 54: Alicia Eva, 59: Amelia Barden, 70: Stacey Livingstone, 75: Jessica Cameron, 86: Jasmine Garner, 91: Emma Grant, 102: Penny Cula-Reid, 107: Lauren Tesoriero, 118: Melissa Kuys, 123: Cecilia McIntosh, 132: Christina Bernardi, 137: Ruby Schleicher, 144: Tara Morgan.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 5: Moana Hope (marquee), Emma King (marquee), Meg Hutchins (priority pick), Helen Roden (rookie), Kate Sheahan (rookie).

Free Agents  3: Kendra Heil, Lou Watton, Sophie Casey


Draft selections — 18: 4: Hayley Miller, 13: Brianna Green, 20: Ashley Sharp, 29: Lara Filocamo, 36: Tiah Haynes, 45: Kira Phillips, 52: Tayla Bresland, 61: Amy Lavell, 68: Stacey Barr, 77: Melissa Caulfield, 84: Cassie Davidson, 93: Taylah Angel, 100: Belinda Smith, 109: Stephanie Cain, 116: Kelly Clinch, 125: Demi Okley, 130: Dana Hooker, 139: Akec Makur Chuot.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 6: Kara Donnellan (marquee), Kiara Bowers* (marquee), Ebony Antonio (priority pick), Kirby Bentley (priority pick), Kim Mickle (rookie), Gabby O’Sullivan (rookie).

Free Agents — 4: Tarnica Golisano, Taryn Priestly, Gemma Houghton, Emily Bonser


Draft selections — 15: 1: Nicola Barr, 16: Ashleigh Guest, 17: Aimee Schmidt, 32: Rebecca Beeson, 33: Kate Stanton, 48: Erin McKinnon, 49: Thi Thanh Mai Nguyen, 64: Amanda Farrugia, 65: Jacinda Barclay, 80: Britt Tully, 81: Kristy De Pellegrnini, 96: Renee Tomkins, 97: Clare Lawton, 112: Ella Ross, 113: Stephanie Walker.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 9: Emma Swanson (marquee), Renee Forth* (marquee), Maddy Collier (priority pick), Alex Williams (priority pick), Jess Dal Pos (priority pick), Phoebe McWilliams (priority pick), Louise Stephenson (priority pick), Ellie Brush (rookie), Jess Bibby (rookie).

Free Agents — 4: Codie Briggs, Isabella Rudolph, Hannah Wallett, Alex Saundry


Draft selections — 19: 8: Elise O’Dea, 9: Deanna Berry, 24: Richelle Cranston, 25: Lauren Pearce, 40: Alyssa Mifsud, 41: Shelley Scott, 56: Katherine Smith, 57: Emma Humphries, 72: Stephanie De Bortoli, 73: Lily Mithen, 88: Ainslie Kemp, 89: Mia-Rae Clifford, 104: Brooke Howells, 105: Jessica Anderson, 120: Maddie Boyd, 121: Pepa Randall, 134: Sarah Lampard, 135: Jasmine Grierson, 145: Sarah Jolly.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 5: Daisy Pearce (marquee), Melissa Hickey (marquee), Karen Paxman (priority pick), Cat Phillips (rookie), Harriet Cordner (rookie).

Free Agents — 3: Meg Downie, Laura Duryea, Aliesha Newman


Draft selections — 19: 5: Jaimee Lambert, 12: Aasta O’Connor, 21: Hannah Scott, 28: Kirsten McLeod, 37: Kimberley Ebb, 44: Hayley Wildes, 53: Brooke Lochland, 60: Bailey Hunt, 69: Ellyse Gamble, 76: Lauren Spark, 85: Nicole Callinan, 92: Lisa Williams, 101: Lauren Moorcroft, 108: Tiarna Ernst, 117: Kate Tyndall, 124: Courtney Clarkson, 131: Jess Gardner, 138: Kirsty Lamb, 143: Laura Bailey.

Marquee, priority, rookie — 5: Katie Brennan (marquee), Ellie Blackburn (marquee), Emma Kearney (priority pick), Libby Birch (rookie), Romy Timmins (rookie).

Free Agents — 1Rebecca Neaves