How the AFLPA can support you

Managing your agent

The AFL Players’ Association (AFLPA) is the sole body responsible for the accreditation, development and regulation of player agents. 

The AFLPA manages a compulsory accreditation process that ensures the improvement, competence, and professionalism of all player agents.

The AFLPA enforces a set of regulations that governs the conduct of all player agents. The AFLPA work in conjunction with an Agent Accreditation Board to establish, administer, and govern these processes.

The AFLPA will assist you in managing any agent related issues that may occur during your career. If you have any questions or issues then you can contact the AFLPA’s Accredited Agents Manager, Alex Davey (details below) to work through these.


You may have first been introduced to the AFLPA and our role in your journey when our Accredited Agent Manager has spoken to you at your junior club. Or you may also come into contact with us at the AFL Draft Combine, where you might learn about the support and services we provide to our members and gain an understanding of the history of our organisation.


Congratulations you have been drafted! 
There’s plenty to look forward to and, as your representative body, we’re here to assist you should you need guidance. Your club delegates and our regional managers will be best placed to assist you should you have any questions.

Induction Camp

One of the major events to look forward to in your first season after being drafted is the AFLPA-run Induction Camp in January for AFL players and December for our AFLW players. 

The induction camp will provide you with an understanding of the following areas of our business:

  • AFLPA Regional Managers
  • Programs and Services
  • Wellbeing Support
  • Accredited Agents
  • Digital
  • AFL Players Care
  • Ladder

We are here to assist you in making the leap to the elite level, so if you have any questions reach out to your Regional Manager.

Your Regional Manager is your key point of contact with the AFLPA and will be accessible to you on a regular basis.

Marcus Drum
Carlton, Collingwood
0409 867 794

Mark Grainger
Brisbane, Gold Coast
0439 860 186

Luisa Meoli
0407 391 898

Bobby Quiney
Geelong, Melbourne, Western Bulldogs
0407 093 263

Braden Stokes
North Melbourne, Richmond, St Kilda
0418 553 437

For all agent-related enquiries Accredited Agents Manager Alex Davey will be able to answer your query:

Alex Davey
Accredited Agents Manager
(03) 8651 4300