How we can help

The AFLPA Legal team is here to advance and protect the interests of players, both individually and collectively. We also provide legal support and referral services to past players. You can view more detailed information on the specific legal support the AFLPA provides to current and past players by selecting the section within this page. 

If you would like to make contact with a member of the AFL Players’ Association Legal and Player Affairs team then you can submit an enquiry below.

Support for current AFL and AFLW players


Our key role is to negotiate the Collective Bargaining Agreement on behalf of the players, and then to monitor workplace conditions to ensure that what we agreed is delivered. We play an active role in all changes to rules and regulations to ensure your rights are protected, including to negotiate AFL policies. We also advocate on behalf of all players on issues like health and safety.


With a team of experienced lawyers, we are here to assist and support current individual players on any matter, including:

• Disciplinary Issues

• Contractual or Legal Disputes

• Commercial Matters

• Disputes with Agents

Our advice is confidential and independent, and we encourage you to contact us on any legal issue.


The Standard Playing Contract and the CBA require that players comply with various rules, policies and codes. Breaches of the various rules are treated very seriously. 

We urge members of the AFLPA to contact us for free and confidential advice if you have any concerns about a breach of these rules.

The rules and policies are listed below and most can be accessed in full here:

  • AFL RULES AND REGULATIONS: Includes rules concerning TPP, draft, and prohibitions on gambling. 
  • AFL POLICIES: Includes the AFL’s Vilification and Respect and Responsibility Policies.

Support for past AFL and AFLW players

Injury and Hardship Fund

From the end of 2017, players who exit the game due to an injury sustained during their employment as an AFL footballer, which will prevent them from playing at senior level in any competition again, can apply for a Football-Ending Injury payment. The sum of any payment is awarded based on the player’s age at the end of the player’s final contract and base salary in the final year of his final contract.

Players who are unable to complete full-time work in the first six months after their delisting due to a football injury, which is identified in their exit medical, are eligible for a Delisted Injury Player Payment at the average Australian weekly wage for a period of four weeks.

Individual Legal Support

The AFLPA Legal team is also available to discuss individual legal matters with past player members, on a free and confidential basis. Where matters require specialist legal advice or substantial amounts of legal work, our team can help refer members to external legal advisors for further support.