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2019 MVP nominees revealed: Suns, Demons, Blues, Swans, Saints and Dockers

The AFL Players’ Association MVP Award nominees for 2019 have been revealed, ahead of the awards on Thursday, August 29.

The nomination for the MVP Award is a two-stage process. The first involves players nominating three teammates for the award, before three nominees from every club are presented to the wider playing group for a vote to decide the winner. Players cannot vote for their own teammates in stage two of the process.

Alongside the Most Courageous, Best Captain and Best First Year award nominees, the players have nominated the three players they believe are their most valuable.


MVP: Jarrod Witts, David Swallow, Darcy Macpherson

Most Courageous: David Swallow

Best First Year: Ben King

Captain: David Swallow, Jarrod Witts


MVP: Max Gawn, Clayton Oliver, James Harmes

Most Courageous: Sam Frost

Best First Year: Marty Hore

Captain: Nathan Jones, Jack Viney


MVP: Patrick Cripps, Sam Walsh, Jacob Weitering

Most Courageous: Liam Jones

Best First Year: Sam Walsh

Captain: Patrick Cripps, Sam Docherty


MVP: Dane Rampe, George Hewett, Luke Parker

Most Courageous: Callum Mills

Best First Year: Nicholas Blakey

Captain: Josh Kennedy, Luke Parker, Dane Rampe


MVP: Rowan Marshall, Jack Billings, Jack Steele

Most Courageous: Jarryn Geary

Best First Year: Callum Wilkie

Captain: Jarryn Geary


MVP: Nat Fyfe, Bradley Hill, Michael Walters

Most Courageous: Ethan Hughes

Best First Year: Lachlan Schultz

Captain: Nat Fyfe

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