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Australian Almonds — Andrew Carrazzo

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An electrician since finishing up at Carlton, Andrew Carrazzo was a hard nut on the field but works equally as hard off it, which is why he is on board as Australian Almonds ambassador for 2018.

If the 34-year-old thought battling it out against the AFL’s best midfielders was tough, he has soon found out that juggling six-year-old triplets and a newborn while running his own business has meant that retiring from the Carlton Football Club after 14 years and 194 AFL matches presented new challenges.

The Blues often turned to the rugged on-baller to go head-to-head with the opposition’s best midfielder, a physically and mentally demanding task, made all the more remarkable considering he was drafted off the rookie list twice after being delisted by Geelong just two years into his AFL career.

But those skills aren’t quite transferable to family life at the Carrazzo’s.

“Nothing can prepare you for triplets,” Carrazzo told

“There’s nothing I could compare it to in the rest of our lives. It’s fantastic to see them grow into little people now and they’ve got their own personalities. We’ve got a four and a half-month old, little Alice, so she’s added a new dimension to our family.

“We don’t have a lot of spare time, let’s put it that way.”