The nominees for the 2022 AFLW Most Valuable Player Awards, proudly presented by Snaffle, will be revealed throughout Monday.

Voting for the AFLW MVP, Most Courageous, Best First-Year Player and Best Captain awards is a two-stage process, with players nominating their teammates in stage one before selecting from a competition-wide field in stage two.

Players cannot vote for a player from their own club during stage two of the voting process.

The AFL Players’ Association will recognise the achievements of the award winners with a special collaboration with Channel 7 program Front Bar on Wednesday April 6.

We thank the following sponsors for their support of the AFLW Most Valuable Player Awards:

Most Valuable Player, proudly presented by Snaffle.

Most Courageous, proudly presented by Our Watch.

Best First-Year Player, proudly presented by KPMG.

Best Captain, proudly presented by The Diamond Guys.

The article will be updated at 10am, 12pm and 2pm as the nominees are revealed.


MVP: Anne Hatchard, Sarah Allan, Ebony Marinoff

Best First-Year Player: Abbie Ballard

Most Courageous: Rachelle Martin

Best Captain: Chelsea Randall


MVP: Emily Bates, Natalie Grider, Orla O’Dwyer

Best First-Year Player: Lucinda Pullar

Most Courageous: Shannon Campbell

Best Captain: Breanna Koenen


MVP: Mimi Hill, Breann Moody, Vaomua Laloifi

Best First-Year Player: Keeley Sherar

Most Courageous: Vaomua Laloifi

Best Captain: Kerryn Harrington


MVP: Brittany Bonnici, Ruby Schleicher, Jaimee Lambert

Best First-Year Player: Eliza James

Most Courageous: Jaimee Lambert

Best Captain: Brianna Davey, Stephanie Chiocci


MVP: Kiara Bowers, Ebony Antonio, Hayley Miller

Best First-Year Player: Dana East

Most Courageous: Angelique Stannett

Best Captain: Hayley Miller


MVP: Becky Webster, Maddy McMahon, Amy McDonald

Best First-Year Player: Georgie Prespakis

Most Courageous: Maddy McMahon

Best Captain: Meg McDonald

gold coast suns

MVP: Tara Bohanna, Charlie Rowbottom, Alison Drennan

Best First-Year Player: Charlie Rowbottom

Most Courageous: Daisy D’Arcy

Best Captain: Hannah Dunn

gws giants

MVP: Alicia Eva, Cora Staunton, Alyce Parker

Best First-Year Player: Ally Dallaway

Most Courageous: Brid Stack

Best Captain: Alicia Eva


MVP: Tayla Harris, Lauren Pearce, Tyla Hanks

Best First-Year Player: Eliza West

Most Courageous: Shelley Heath

Best Captain: Daisy Pearce

north melbourne

MVP: Jasmine Garner, Emma Kearney, Ashleigh Riddell

Best First-Year Player: Jasmine Ferguson

Most Courageous: Tahlia Randall

Best Captain: Emma Kearney


MVP: Katie Brennan, Monique Conti, Rebecca Miller

Best First-Year Player: Meagan Kiely

Most Courageous: Sarah Hosking

Best Captain: Katie Brennan

St kilda

MVP: Bianca Jakobsson, Tilly Lucas-Rodd, Hannah Priest

Best First-Year Player: Ash Richards

Most Courageous: Bianca Jakobsson

Best Captain: Hannah Priest

West Coast Eagles

MVP: Dana Hooker, Aimee Schmidt, Emma Swanson

Best First-Year Player: Charlotte Thomas

Most Courageous: Emma Swanson

Best Captain: Emma Swanson

Western Bulldogs

MVP: Ellie Blackburn, Kirsty Lamb, Bonnie Toogood

Best First-Year Player: Elizabeth Snell

Most Courageous: Kirsty Lamb

Best Captain: Ellie Blackburn

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