Merrett and Impey join Doing Nothing Does Harm campaign

Essendon’s Zach Merrett and Hawthorn’s Jarman Impey have collaborated with Our Watch for their “Doing Nothing Does Harm” campaign, inspiring bystanders to do something when they see or hear disrespect towards women.

The Doing Nothing Does Harm campaign has three key pillars, centered around the theme of ‘do something’.

Those pillars are: Show it’s not okay, support women and speak up.

Merrett and Impey are encouarging people to take a stand if they witness disrespectful behaviour towards women.

“For me it’s being comfortable being uncomfortable in those situations and challening your friends or those people that speak out in a poor way,” he said.

You can watch the videos through YouTube at the links below.

Jarman Impey

Zach Merrett

Zach Merrett