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Blast from the past: Andrew Lee

AFL Players’ Association Alumni Manager Brad Fisher catches up with former opponent and Essendon player Andrew Lee.

BF: How old are you at the moment, mate?
AL: 28

BF: Where was your junior club?
AL: Burnie Footy Club in Tassie and I’m back here now.

BF: Who did you barrack for as a kid?
AL: I was and still barrack for the Dees, but I obviously have a soft spot for the Bombers, given they gave me a chance there and I still follow all the players’ development.

BF: Favourite player growing up?
AL: Clint ‘Showbiz’ Bizzell – he loved a hanger.

BF: Do you have children? Is there any talent there?
AL: Yeah, I have four kids mate. Oldest is nine and the youngest is nine months. There is some sporting talent there but the oldest seems to be enjoying soccer and basketball at the moment. Whatever keeps them happy.

BF: Greatest Influence on career?
AL: Probably my old man and also Hamish Oglivy who is now at the Crows. Dad has always been there criticising my game and giving me feedback and helping me get the best out of myself. Hamish was great through my junior ranks and was a big help in developing me and giving me an understanding on what it takes to be a professional footballer.

BF: Person you’d most like to meet?
AL: I am at risk of sounding cliché here, but Michael Jordan. Who wouldn’t want to meet the greatest athlete of all time? He is also a great businessman – a billionaire.

BF: What have you been up to since you retired from AFL football?
AL: I went over to South Australia and played SANFL footy at Norwood and North Adelaide. Then returned home to Tassie and I have been at Burnie FC for three years now. I guess there comes a time when work and a career become a real priority and I’m now heavily involved in Mortgage Broking with Aussie Home Loans through the local store here in Burnie. We are able to do business anywhere in the country and it is a very exciting and rewarding career, Aussie are very supportive with helping me achieve my goals.

BF: What do you miss the most about playing elite football? Do you keep in contact with many former teammates?
AL: I miss the simple fact that hanging out with your best mates, training and playing footy was your full-time job. The banter in the change rooms is something that is hard to replace. Yeah there is still five or six old team-mates that I consider good mates.

BF: When was the last time you had a work out in the gym?
AL: Yesterday, but it doesn’t happen enough.

BF: Who is the best player you have seen?
AL: Well I did run around on you a couple of times. Apart from your good self, I’d have to say James Hird. He had everything.

BF: What was the highlight of your career?
AL: Definitely my first game against the Kangaroos. It had been my dream for as long as I can remember.

BF: Do you enjoy the current game?
AL: Yeah, absolutely. It is obviously heavily scrutinised which can take away from the beauty of the game, but to see the power, balance and skill of the elite modern day player is always great to witness.

BF: Who is your favourite musician?
AL: I like a bit of everything, all the latest chart music. What a boring answer.

BF: What’s on your bucket list?
AL: Get married and plenty of travel with the family.

BF: What’s next for Andrew Lee?
AL: Yeah I guess the big wedding, then keep busy with all the kids. Obviously my work with Aussie Home loans Burnie is going to keep me on my toes and keep me very busy. There is plenty of people that are still not in the best home loan product that suits their needs so hopefully I can help them be in a better situation. But other than that just enjoying the laid back environment of being down here in Tasmania. Life’s pretty good.