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Cyril delivering 365

Cyril Rioli is quick to tell you he’s not a businessman, but the launch of his new brand Three65 Underwear, which is revolutionising the way men buy underwear, would suggest far the contrary.

Rioli, has partnered with his long term high school mate Will Strange, to create a subscription based business model whereby consumers can order socks and jocks and have them delivered to their door for a very reasonable price.

“You jump on the website and choose your subscription, and then every three months you can have socks and jocks delivered to your door for under $30,” explains Rioli.

The business has been in operation for almost a year and is growing rapidly, with Rioli claiming the underwear is fast becoming the brief of choice amongst teammates and opponents alike.

“Plenty of guys around the club keep asking me for them and I’ve seen quite a few wearing them in the changerooms,” says Rioli.

And it’s not just Hawks boy who are on board with the pin up boy of budgie smugglers Majak Daw also joining in on the fun.

“Yeah we’ve got Majak on board as well, which is pretty good, and I even reckon I saw Buddy wearing them last year, although he probably wouldn’t like me saying that with all his Nena and Pasadena stuff,” laughs Rioli.

Having helped write the children’s book Fox Swift in 2013, Rioli is not completely new to the business world and when Strange approached him with the idea he jumped at the opportunity.

“It’s something I take pride in and am passionate about,’ said Rioli.

“But like most guys I don’t like shopping for them, so to have them delivered to your doorstep for a very good price makes sense I think.”

Three 65 CEO Will Strange says the value proposition is not just in the convenience of the product, but also the price which is much cheaper than other brands but doesn’t compromise on quality.

“We’re able to keep our prices low because we are cutting out the middleman, the agent to sell,” say Strange.

“We also do not have huge advertising fees as we rely on word of mouth,” he explains.

“We believe that when people are onto a good thing, they will spread the word and help their friends and family out. When people buy our product, they will want to share it with others.”

Over the past week the business launched a new website and is set for big things in 2014. Rioli believes the best is yet to come.

“It’s definitely a sleep giant,” Rioli says with a grin.

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