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Hot Wheels — Behind the scenes with Patrick Dangerfield

If you ever wondered what happens behind the scenes of a television commercial, look no further than the video above.

As part of the partnership between the AFL Players’ Association and Hot Wheels, which is into its fourth year, AFLPA board member and Geelong Brownlow Medallist Patrick Dangerfield filmed an EPIC commercial for Hot Wheels while we captured some of the fun and downtime between takes.

After playing second-fiddle to Hawthorn’s Luke Hodge as a Hot Wheels ambassador, Dangerfield was given an opportunity in the role of this year’s ‘Home Commentator’ commercial and also added his own commentary spin into the mix.

Dangerfield plays the part of an imaginary companion alongside a racing enthused child but, as you’ll see, everything doesn’t always go to plan.

The commercial took 12 hours to film during the AFL’s off-season and will air throughout the year.