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How Brent Harvey helps spark North Melbourne

Brent Harvey may hold the secret to North Melbourne’s finals success.

The veteran Kangaroo has been a key to the on-field fortunes of his side so far in September and is desperate to propel them into their first grand final since 1999.

But it’s not only the tireless running, brilliant skill and crucial goals that have made ‘Boomer’ so important to North’s finals form.

Harvey has introduced his teammates to SPARK, a pre-game drink which is made up of a blend of amino acids. It is a supplement which has fuelled Harvey for the past eight years.

The 90ml ‘shot’ has been independently tested and cleared, by a world class sports anti-doping authority, for use by athletes.

Harvey and his teammates consume SPARK 10 minutes before games and again at half-time to help give them a physical and mental boost.

Socceroo Archie Thompson and Australian cricketer Peter Siddle are sportspeople from other codes to use the product.

“There’s a mental arousal, so it gets you up and about and there’s a lactate block in there as well,” he said.

“These are the things that have worked for me over the past eight years now. We’ve combined those into the one formula to give you the spark and that’s where the name comes from.”

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