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In my element — Rory Sloane

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Professional sportspeople, like the rest of society, need outlets away from the day-to-day grind.

And you could argue that among the long term injury and uncertain future, Rory Sloane needs them now more than ever.

For the injured Adelaide star, one of his pastimes is out in the ocean, which gives him the ability to refocus when he walks through the Crows’ doors every day.

“For me to play my best, I have to be relaxed as well and enjoy the things I do away from footy,” Sloane told

“My old man got me into surfing when I was really young. Surfing for me is something to de-stress and get out there and focus on something completely different.


“It [surfing] is one of the only times you’re really present with what’s going on around you. You’re constantly trying to pick up on what the wind’s doing, what the tide’s doing and I find it so relaxing. It becomes addictive.”

In the video above, Sloane talks about his passion for hitting the waves and how it benefits his professional life as a footballer, as part of an exciting video series, brought to you by 2XP.

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