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Injured Demon Working Hard Off The Field

If there are any positives to come out of being injured for an extended period of time, Jack Trengove has certainly found them.

The former Demon captain hasn’t played an AFL game since Round 2 last season after breaking his foot in a VFL match in April with complications during his recovery ruling him out of action for the rest of 2015.

But the 23-year-old has made use of his spare time, developing his life away from football by working one day a week at Melbourne financial management group Rising Tide.

Speaking to, Trengove said working in the business world since February has helped break up his trying rehabilitation timetable.

“When you are in a long term injury, footy can be become a bit bleak when you’re stuck in Melbourne in the winter and in the gym all day, every day not being out there kicking the footy,” Trengove said.

“I’ve always been interested in the business side of things. It’s been a bit of a change from the normal AFL player schedule but one that’s really helped me and I’ve got that balance in my life now.”

With the goal of returning to footy in 2016, Trengove hopes he will up and running by the start of pre-season and recovery is still his first priority.

But he loves the opportunity to be a business man for the a portion of the week, even if his teammates give him a bit of stick for it.

“I try and get to the gym at the club beforehand to get a session done and then come here afterwards.

“Even this morning for instance, I was in at the club and did my gym session then, back in the change rooms while putting the shirt and slacks on, the boys are like ‘off to work are you?’

“They know Tuesday is my day to come in here.”