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Pet Pals — Billie surprises Kaitlyn

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Spending six months of the year away from her Ballarat home is tough at times for Kaitlyn Ashmore.

Family, friends and work, the 26-year-old uprooted her life to live between Queensland and Victoria to achieve her AFLW dream.

While the hard-running Lion lives within a drop punt of the Gabba and is loving her time in the Sunshine State, it’s come with a cost.

“The two things that I miss the most are my family and my dog,” Ashmore told

“I get a bit emotional about it… even my dog. My dog’s name is Billie and we’re pretty inseparable when we are together.”

You can only imagine her reaction when Billie showed up on her doorstep on a random Tuesday afternoon, thanks to Jetpets.

PET PALS — MEET KILLA AND PEPPA ROCKLIFF, in a new partnership with Jetpets, are bringing to life the ‘Pet Pals series’ to showcase the pets’ personalities and their importance to Australian footballers.

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Stay tuned for the next instalment of our Pet Pals series.