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Q&A — George Curnow interviews Charlie

AFLPA employee George Curnow was keen to celebrate younger brother Charlie’s nomination by attending the Rising Star event, but was forced to lean on his connections to gain a ticket. He decided to surprise his younger brother on the day…

George: So I got a media pass through work to come here, did you ever think about maybe inviting me yourself? I actually didn’t know the event was on…

Charlie: I dunno… It’s a thing we have that runs through the family where we kind of forget about you… I think dad and mum forgot to invite you, also. It wasn’t just me.

George: Well, it’s your event… Congratulations, anyway! So, about six months ago, we had a litter of seven puppies and you were given the second choice of the puppies. Do you now regret your decision seeing that mine has developed a bit better than yours?

Charlie: Well, I was going to say… you called your dog ‘Romeo’ for one, which is quite possibly the worst name I’ve ever heard. You’re in the park calling, ‘Romeo, Romeo!’

Yours is called Reggie! That’s terrible.

Hey! Reggie is a normal name. Yours is called Romeo, you idiot.

Moving on… Round 15 this year, I met a lovely lady by the name of Bella. Round 16, you were nominated for the Rising Star… was that something to do with it? You’ve had some pretty good form since then.

Ummm, yeah I dunno. Maybe. I dunno, George…

If you get married tomorrow, would I be the best man, or would Edward?

No, neither of you, because Ed picked you to be the best man at his wedding and I’m still flat about that.

So, I would then be it by default?

No. I’d probably pick Reggie to be my best man.

Your nickname is ‘Pumba.’ Where did that come from?

Your nickname is ‘Egyptian’ because you walk like an Egyptian…

No, it’s because I dance like an Egyptian! Who would you say is the best surfer in the family?

That’s an easy one, just ask dad.

He would say me…

No. He would say me, that’s obvious.

Well, mum says you take 10 seconds to stand up.

I don’t think mum has ever seen us surf.

At the football club, does Ed bully you like he does at home?

No, Ed gets bullied at the football club!

Who’s your biggest inspiration, and why?

Biggest inspiration… probably my old man, David Curnow, who is your dad also.

Good fella…

And mum. Mum is very awesome, too, so I better put that in there. Dad has set some very good morals for our family and they have been passed down through.

Good stuff. Now that you have been nominated, do you think you’re the best footballer in the family?

Ummm… yep. Hahaha!

Ummm, yeah. Thanks for that.

No worries.