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Randall AFLW’s first Most Courageous

As voted by her peers, Chelsea Randall has won the first AFLW Players’ Most Courageous Award, proudly presented by Bob Jane T-Marts.

It takes courage to run back with the flight of the ball or dive into packs you’re not supposed to, but it takes just as much, if not more bravery to shift your entire life to further career.

Adelaide’s Chelsea Randall is as a brave as they come and was recognised by her peers as the inaugural AFLW Players’ Most Courageous Award, presented by Bob Jane T-Marts.

But her courage in her personal life is also equally as inspiring after she moved from her home in Perth to the regional mining town of Newman a couple of years ago, which didn’t go unnoticed from Adelaide and Swan Districts teammate Kellie Gibson.

“She picked up all of her stuff and her dog and moved to Newman which is 13 hours inland from Perth and there’s not a beach in sight – apparently all you see is red dirt,” Gibson told

“She wanted something more for herself, she wanted to further her career outside of football and that’s a massive achievement. She is very courageous in that regard, too.

“She travelled to and from Newman to Perth a total of eight times. I don’t know how she did it, she would’ve got pretty lonely although she did have her dog with her.”

When it comes to her bravery on the field, Randall has described herself as “stupid” at times.

Gibson, who was also signed by the Crows as a marquee player, started playing with Randall as a teenager at Swan Districts and immediately noticed her fearless approach on the ground.

“She’s probably the most courageous player I’ve played with or against. You watch her on the field and can’t help but grit your teeth and think she’s not going to come out of the contest okay.

“I remember when we played together at Swan Districts, she would sit in the forward line and take these huge screamers and run back with the flight of the ball. One time she jumped over three people to make a spoil in the last quarter of a do or die match.

“There was also an exhibition game in 2014 where she took a heavy knock after flying across and smashing into her opponent legally and she just got up and ran down to score a goal.

“I don’t think any other player has that true ability to go back with the flight like she does.

“I’ve asked her ‘dude, what were you thinking’ and she’s always like ‘I just had to go Gibbo!’, so I’m pretty glad she continually gets back up again.”

Matching her skills on the field is Randall’s leadership. She’s a large voice at training and provides the hyperactive energy to get the team up and going.

Overall, Randall is one of the best ambassadors for women’s footy and continues to mentor the players she co-captains at the Crows.

“She’s like an older sister to me, which sometimes mean she annoys me at home but she’s always there to get me through the times as well.

“She’s never negative, it’s always positive for her and she loves a good sing along in the car and throwing the radio on when she’s cooking.

“She inspires me to be a better person on and off the field.”