The AFL Players Association is pleased to announce that General Manager of Human Resources Regan Bunny will take up the role of Acting CEO during Paul Marsh’s period of leave. 

Regan has been an employee of the AFLPA since 2022, before which she consulted to the Association for seven years. 

She has more than 20 years of experience working in Australia, the United Kingdom and Europe in a wide range of industries including sport, natural resources, aviation and property. 

She has previously held a number of senior positions with a specific focus on leadership, culture and performance. 

“I’m thrilled to take up the position of Acting CEO and thank the Board for their support,” Regan said. 

“It’s an exciting opportunity to continue to work with our members, AFL industry and AFLPA staff to push for the interests of all players, past and present, and I’m looking forward to leading the Association’s 2024 vision and projects in Paul’s absence.” 

Chair or the AFLPA Board, Kristen Hilton, who led the appointment process, said Regan was the standout among a strong and experienced field. 

“The Board was fortunate to have some outstanding candidates to select from and Regan impressed us with her clear vision, plan for navigating the upcoming three-month period, and her experience and leadership attributes. 

“We have no doubt she will do a terrific job and will be ably supported by the AFLPA Executive team and broader business.” 

AFLPA President Patrick Dangerfield said: “The next three months provide the AFLPA with the opportunity to finalise many of the projects negotiated through last year’s CBA negotiations as well as progressing the deliverables of our strategic plan. 

“Regan will do a great job leading the organisation through this time and we expect to come out of it in a strong position.” 

Regan will commence in the role on 16 May and continue until 16 August at which time Paul Marsh will return.