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Richo and Jack turn to commentary

When club champion Matthew Richardson hung up the boots in 2009, Jack Riewoldt inherited the love of the Tiger faithful as Richmond’s number one spearhead. More recently, Riewoldt has shown he’s capable of following Richo’s next career-path – broadcasting footy.

Richardson and Riewoldt recently held an AFL commentary class with two young Richmond supporters, Levi Lockwood and Ineka Jarvis.

In a very relaxed environment, they each got the chance to call snippets of a Richmond game, with Levi and Ineka calling the Richmond and GWS game where Riewoldt kicked 11 goals earlier in the year.

“Riewoldt comes over and he goes ‘gee I wish I could be as good as you’” – Matthew Richardson

Richardson called part of a Tigers game that dates back to his playing days where he kicked a goal against the Hawks, serving some banter to his goal-kicking successor after the screen showed an interaction between the two during celebrations.

“Richardson at the top of his mark, he’s a beautiful kick this man and he’s split the middle. That is his tenth goal, get around him! Riewoldt comes over and he goes ‘gee I wish I could be as good as you’,” Richardson says.

But Riewoldt had his turn next, calling part of the Dreamtime at the ‘G clash in 2007 that also happened to be his first AFL match.

The match featured a play where Richardson pushed his opponent in the back before playing on and kicking a goal. A 50-metre penalty was awarded against the Tigers, resulting in an Essendon win.

And Riewoldt made the most of the opportunity to throw a joke at Richardson’s controversial moment.

“Oh oh oh, can you believe it? That’s 50, Rick, and… it’s all square,” Riewoldt says.

“That was my first game and we lost because you gave away that free kick!”