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The Players’ View – Adam Oxley & Ben Kennedy

Collingwood’s Adam Oxley and Melbourne’s Ben Kennedy open up about becoming mates and living together while playing for different clubs in an exclusive piece for, brought to you by

When two AFL players live together but play for different clubs, the household can take on different dynamic from time to time.

Since former Magpie turned Demon Ben Kennedy joined Melbourne at the end of 2015, current roommate and Collingwood defender Adam Oxley has noticed their emotions varying a lot more these days.

“Now that we both play at different clubs, it can be tough at times when he’s had a big win and played pretty well and I’m down the other end with a big loss and not performing and the moods shift and change,” Oxley tells

Kennedy and Oxley have been sharing a house together for four years since they were drafted to Collingwood and have formed a close bond.

Now living in a two-bedroom apartment near the Collingwood and Melbourne training facilities, the pair have found playing against each other quite entertaining.

“The first time we played each other, Ben was getting at me about ‘is this player injured, I’ve heard this and that’,” Oxley says.

“And at the time, I know he’s right but it hasn’t come out yet and I’m going ‘how does he know this?’.”

Kennedy replies: “It was pretty funny when we actually did play each other because I took a mark and kicked a goal on Adam, it was a pretty big play, and I turned around and pointed at him. I’m actually getting it framed for his next birthday – I keep telling him that and it’s going to be on one of these walls pretty soon.

“The weeks that we’ve been playing each other, I don’t think he wanted to hang out with me the night before we played and there was a few things that might’ve happened during the game with other players that made it a little bit awkward afterwards, but to be honest it’s all smooth sailing.”

While there’s always natural curiosity to how things are going at the other clubs, the duo know there’s a line that even their strong friendship can’t cross.

“It’s good to hear how another club operates. As long as our lips stay shut about game plans and structures,” Oxley says.

Kennedy adds: “The clubs’ really ride us hard about not sharing anything we shouldn’t be saying.”

And of course living with a close mate has its negatives.

“It’s only a small house and I’m only recently single so have been big on the whole dating thing lately. I had a girl around the other night and Ox sat on the couch the whole time she was over,” Kennedy says.

“When she was right to leave I didn’t even get to kiss her on the cheek, I just had to walk her out and as soon as she wanted to go, Ox went to bed.”

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