Fans Partnerships

Two superstar forwards challenged in the Garage!

Welcome to the AFL Players’ Garage brought to you by Hot Wheels.

Hosted by Patrick Dangerfield, each episode will see a host of AFL and AFLW stars enter the Garage to compete in a series of champion challenges, Dayton car racing and the Danger Zone.

In episode two of the AFL Players’ Garage Patrick Dangerfield quizzes a young West Coast Eagles in the Hot Lap at Home Base (01:12), Ben Brown enters the Garage for the blindfolded goal-kicking challenge (03:16), Ben Brown showcases his infamous run-up (04:16), Josh Kennedy challenges a young fan to a dance-off (06:20), Race Central (08:52), Ben Brown challenges Danger in the Danger Zone (11:36) and Danger drinks a Colour Shifter beverage (14:09).