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Who To Watch In The Inaugural AFLW Season

With the AFLW competition in full swing, spoke to three former champions and pioneers of the VWFL for their insight on who to look our for during the inaugural season.


Who will dominate the competition:

Emma Kearney lays low a lot of the time but for me she is probably one of the most consistent players I’ve seen for a long time. Her ability to break the lines and run defensively as well as offensively is going to be really important for the Bulldogs.”

Name a player to look out for:

Britt Bonnici is definitely an athlete who can run all day, gets in and under and I was lucky enough to get to coach her at the Spurs and the Sharks, so she’s definitely one to watch.”

Michelle Dench

Who will dominate the competition:

“Moana Hope is a superstar. I remember playing with her when she was literally just a kid and we went over to Ireland again. Mo was a natural, she’s always been a superstar and now she’s starting to realise it because she is going to rip that league apart.

Lou Wotton is a superstar – we have to have one of us oldies representing us in the AFLW. She has really big elbows and knees and she can jump, so if they get you they hurt.”

Name a player to look out for:

“Cecilia McIntosh will do really well. She’s been around for a while now and she’s a smart player.”

Debbie Lee

Who will dominate the competition:

Bri Davey is going to be an exceptional player because of her strength, her disposal, she gets a lot of the football and she can drive through packs and bring physicality to the game.”

Name someone to look out for:

“They’ll be a few that’ll make a name for themselves out of nowhere but those who can find space will reap the rewards so in that regard Kaitlyn Ashmore is one to watch out for. If Brisbane can get the ball to her, she can use space, use the footy and can read the game well.

From a Melbourne point of view, we think our Frisbee player Cat Phillips will go well. This game will suit her and she’ll get a lot of the footy. She’s quick, her strength is her speed and her running patterns and endurance are really good. On the field of 16 per side, she could really burn the opposition.”