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Words of wisdom from your club’s B&F

With 17 clubs awarding their best and fairest awards for season 2015, here’s how the players reacted when crowned their side’s best and fairest.

Adelaide crows: Patrick Dangerfield

“Individual awards are never possible without the help of your teammates.

“They’re the ones who help you to apply your trade. We’re incredibly lucky to have such an incredibly playing group and a team-orientated playing group.”

Brisbane lions: Dayne Beams, Mitch Robinson, Stefan martin, Dane Zorko

Robinson – “I couldn’t think of three better blokes to share this award with.”

Martin – “Probably the thing I’m most proud of in my life is to be the ruckman of this club.”

Beams – “I’ve tasted success and if there’s one thing I’d say to you boys is just stick around, it’s not far around the corner and can turn around quickly.”

Zorko – “I love coming into the club every day and I think everyone can agree with that. I can’t take the smile of my face coming into the club or when leaving it as well.”

Carlton: Patrick Cripps

“I can’t believe the result and I’m just honoured to receive the medal.

“It’s something I’m very proud of. When you look at some of the names over the last six years with Juddy, Murph and Simmo having won it and now I’ve won it, it doesn’t seem right. It’s pretty surreal, to be honest, but I’m absolutely wrapped to win it.”

Collingwood: Scott Pendlebury

“The guys are fortunate enough to play in front of 50 to 60,000 every week.

“For the young guys out there, don’t take this for granted because it’s such a great opportunity. You play in front the best crowd every week and it gives us the most support.

“The club you’re at, there is no better in the league.”

Essendon: Cale Hooker

“To the boys, I love you guys.

“We spend more time together than we do with anyone else and I couldn’t think of a better bunch of blokes to spend my days with.

“Let’s stick together, help each other and be passionate. Who knows what’s around the corner for us.”

Fremantle: Aaron Sandilands

“I didn’t expect to be up here at all tonight.

“It’s great waking up every morning knowing you’re going to work with a bunch of guys and people like that and it makes it easier to keep going.”

Geelong: Mark Blicavs

“I’m a bit flat at the moment. All that nervous energy is out of me now and I’m starting to slow down.

“But I’m super excited, it was the first time in my life I’ve been lost for words. I’m very excited and proud at the moment.”

Gold Coast suns: Tom Lynch

“I’m truly humbled to win this award. I have great belief we’re headed in the right direction.

“The results didn’t go the right way for us this year but I truly believe we’ve made some massive inroads, made some big choices, looked each other in the eye and we know where we need to go now.”

GWS Giants: Heath Shaw

“I’ve loved every minute I’ve spent at the Giants.

“I left the biggest club in the land to come to a start up club and the first year was okay but this year I’ve genuinely enjoyed every minute.

“Seriously, when you hang around with 21-year-olds, you feel 21 again and that’s why I played the footy I did this year. These guys inspire me to play good footy, inspire me to lead them and inspire me to yell at them every game when things don’t go quite right.”

Hawthorn: Josh Gibson

“Very, very shocked.

“Both of these guys up here next to me [Cyril Rioli and Sam Mitchell] have had fantastic years, as have a lot of guys at the club.

“To my teammates, I know it’s an individual award but especially as a defender, you don’t win these things unless you have got the support of the guys around you.”

Melbourne: Bernie Vince

“I can’t thank the playing group enough for not only accepting me but having me almost as one of their brothers, it means a lot to me.

“I thanked Dawsey a lot last year, so this year it’s going to be Nathan Jones. He made it bloody tough for me to get to know him early on, but this year we’ve created a bond I’ll never ever forget.

“I think that’s why I’ve had such a good season this year, is how closely we’ve worked together and challenge each other at times.”

North Melbourne: Todd Goldstein

“I never thought I’d get here.

“When I was drafted nine years ago as overweight, unfit and never really played football before, I don’t think anyone thought I’d be standing today and definitely not me.”

Port Adelaide: The John Cahill Medal will be announced on December 5

Richmond: Alex Rance

“This is hard to put into words. We have improved.

“Some people think that because we struck out three times in a row that we’re going nowhere and are stagnating but I strongly disagree.

“We have improved, we are a better side than what we were and we’ll get better next year. Thanks so much and I never really thought this was possible.”

St Kilda: Jack Steven

“I can’t believe it and it’s honestly a huge surprise.

“I’m so stoked and honestly don’t know what to say but I’m very humbled and so happy to represent the St Kilda footy club, I love it so much. I hope my actions on the field speak louder than words so I hope everyone enjoys the way I play.”

Sydney Swans: Josh Kennedy

“I’m so blessed to be surrounded by such great players and coaching staff.

“I feel like if I’m a V8, I’m surrounded by Ferraris and the guys standing here I have the utmost respect for. They drive me to be a better player with the way they go about it, and the work they put it really encourages me to be a part of this team.

“I feel like I need to do everything I can to hang on to the dream and hopefully it can continue on.”

West Coast eagles: Andrew Gaff

“I’m so humbled and privileged to be up here. I don’t take this award lightly at all.

“It’s a good reward for a lot of blokes improving this year and being a successful team albeit without winning on the big day. I’ve enjoyed every single part of the year.

“I’m not satisfied, I’m never satisfied and I’m someone who has high expectations of myself so it’s not going to stop there. There’s so much improvement for me and everyone on the list.”

Western Bulldogs: Easton Wood

“I’ve got no idea what to say, I’m blown away. Something like this, I never envisaged I would’ve ever had the honour of achieving it; it’s amazing.

“I love this club with all my heart, I’m truly proud to be a part of it and I can guarantee you, going forward, I’ll absolutely get every ounce of myself to go further into the journey.”

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