Injury and Hardship Fund information

This fund aims to support players who transition out of the game with career ending injuries, and those who need longer-term medical support, or suffer illness or financial hardship through retirement. Support is available through the fund in the following ways;

Lifetime Health Care – Players can access up to $8000 to cover treatment costs for joint operations and dental procedures related to football.

Football-Ending Injury – Players who exit the game due to an injury that prevents them from playing football at senior level in any other competition again are eligible for a payment based on their age and the base value of the final year of their standard playing contract.

Delisted Injury Player Payment – Players who are unable to work immediately following their delisting due to an injury can access one month’s pay at the average Australian wage.

Past Player Hardship – Grants may be directed to players who experience hardship due to injury, illness or wellbeing issues.

Hospital Excess Reimbursement – Reimbursement of $500 to cover excess following a hospital stay.