Q&A — Bailey Smith

"It was pretty tough. I copped a flair bit of flak in the media and on comments about how I go about my business."

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From the football field to the coaches box

For former Fremantle AFLW players-turned-coaches Amy Lavell and Lisa Webb, their journeys to the national women's competition were disparate.

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Khamis: 'Football made me feel involved'

Western Bulldogs draftee Buku Khamis' memories of his childhood in South Sudan are hazy. He can recall how the sand would burn his feet as he played outside in the…

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‘Tenacious’ Zak prepared for life in the AFL

“I didn’t want to have any regrets going forward..."

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Q&A — Tom Liberatore

"I think the most frustrating part is that they assume things about me without actually knowing. They don’t have a right to make assumptions that aren’t true."

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Tom Mitchell is on another level

Harry Cunningham arrived at Sydney at the end of 2011 — the same year as 2018 Leigh Matthew Trophy winner Tom Mitchell. The pair formed a close friendship and Cunningham shares a bit about…

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