Players' Voice — Jake Kolodjashnij

Football is a team game but sometimes a change in role does an individual a lot of good, too.

By Jake Kolodjashnij | Sep 21, 2017 Read More

Letter to my younger self — Scott Thompson

You’re nine and you’ve decided you want to be a footballer one day. And nothing is going to stand in the way of that. Some dream, kid.

By Scott Thompson | Sep 21, 2017 Read More

Letter to my younger self — Dennis Armfield

You are about to take part in the most exciting ride of your life. You will make lifelong friends, be a life member of the Carlton Football Club and even…

By Dennis Amrfield | Sep 20, 2017 Read More

Q&A: What does GPS data tell us?

Geelong was criticised for its work rate in the first week of the finals after its 22 players combined for the least distance covered of the eight teams, but how…

By Simon Legg | Sep 15, 2017 Read More

Letter to my younger self — Matthew Boyd

Matt, you probably won't believe me when I tell you this but you've had a pretty decent AFL career.

By Matthew Boyd | Sep 15, 2017 Read More

Players' Voice — Ebony Marinoff

This weekend I find myself in a bit of bizarre situation, playing for my second premiership of the season with the Darebin Falcons at Etihad Stadium against Diamond Creek.

By Ebony Marinoff | Sep 18, 2017 Read More

Players, AFL sign historic CBA deal

AFL player wages will be tied to industry revenue for the first time in the game’s history under a historic agreement struck between the AFL Players’ Association and the Australian…

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