CBA — By the numbers

CBA — By the numbers


Lost in the numbers? Here are the key figures that make up the 2017-22 CBA deal…

28% — The players’ percentage share of defined industry forecast revenue

28% — The players’ percentage share of defined AFL un-forecast revenue

11.2% — The players’ percentage share of defined club un-forecast revenue

6 — The length (years) of the CBA agreement

>99% — of voting players approved the deal

20% — increase to Total Player Payments in 2017, inclusive of the veterans’ allowance

$1.84 billion — the minimum total value of the CBA from 2017-2022

$6 million — Minimum increase to Player Retirement Accounts over six years

3% — increase to Additional Service Agreements (ASAs) in every year of the deal (3.8% in year one)

$13 million — funding into Player Development over six years

$24 million — to Career-Ending Injury and Lifetime Health Care Program over six years

$100,000 — the minimum salary for senior listed players in 2017 (beyond year 2)

$88,000 — first-round draft pick’s salary in 2017

$71,500 — rookie player base wage in 2017

8 — the number of grand final tickets available to participating players

12 — business class flights for Perth-based teams

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