In the bottle - The Great Zorko

In the bottle - The Great Zorko


‘The Zorks’ has exploded onto the AFL scene & quickly become a favourite of the fans, particularly those who have a dream team.

I’ve known Dayne since my school days, when he was known as ‘Tinker’ (Tinkerbell) for being so small & girly looking (haha just jokes). His older brother was school captain when I was in Grade 12 at Benowa State High & we both played for the mighty Surfers Paradise Demons JFC.

I was super stoked & proud to see Zorks get his chance at AFL with the Brisbane Lions.


Now let’s have a look at his music taste. WARNING he did grow up on the Gold Coast so this could be interesting.

Who’s your favourite artist of all time? The Script  At the moment? Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Pop song that gets stuck in your head? MKTO- Thank You

Do you listen to music before games? Yeah

To chill out or get pumped up? Bit of both really (this explains alot about Tinkers personality)

Any Musical Talents? I think I’m a good singer but I’m actually terrible.

Music experience at school? Just played the recorder because we were made to.

Radio station? Nova

Thoughts on my musical taste? Not too bad. I normally Shazam off your playlist so it must be alright.

If there was only one song you could listen to for the rest of your life, what would it be? Mario- let me love you.

The Zorks can bust a move on & off the field. Hope to see more of this action in 2013.

Tinker, thanks for dropping into Music with Merrett.

I hope this gets stuck in ya head 😉

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