Hawks Granted Unsung Tassie Hero

Hawks Granted Unsung Tassie Hero

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Grant Birchall might seem like a typical Tasmanian. He’s unassuming, softly spoken and doesn’t command the attention of his other star teammates.

But that’s not the way Birchall behaved while playing in the backyard as a kid, according to his mother Kathy.

It was revealed recently on Channel Seven that a young Birchall spent a bit of time in isolation due to his frustration with poor form of others.

“He used to play a lot by himself in the backyard. Not a lot of kids would come and play because Grant would get frustrated with them when they couldn’t kick the ball the right way or handball it perfectly, whereas dad could,” Kathy said.

Birchall spent a lot of his time playing sport due to there not being much else to do in the small town of Devonport.

He quickly became obsessed with the game with Ian suggesting his own Aussie Rules infatuation may have rubbed off on his son during those early years.

That obsession eventually manufactured into a successful career at the highest level with fellow Tasmanian product and former North Melbourne defender Nathan Grima saying on radio this week the 27-year-old is building one of the best CV’s from a Tasmanian native.

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