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A Demon In Focus – Vol 3

The piece below was originally published on Mitch Clark’s blog, which can be accessed here.


March 10, 2014

With everything that has been happening lately, we both decided a Sunday afternoon at home alone was exactly what we both needed.

At our home there is great light almost all day. I find myself shooting most of my work in my bedroom, bathroom or the lounge room. I still find little pockets of light that i can’t wait to shoot in.

I borrowed the Gundlach Korona Wooden Field camera from Oli and thought id try out a pack of Fuji FP100C. I have only just started shooting polaroids and now I’m addicted to instant film.

I’m so lucky to have a beautiful model who happens to be the love of my life. She knows how important this time together is to me. There is barely a word spoken when we are making images but all i can hear when I peel open the polaroid is I love you.

More of Clark’s photography can be found via his official Instagram and Facebook pages. His website, featuring his blog, can be accessed here.