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Dal Santo #Discovered

“I actually didn’t even know how to get to Arden Street, to be completely honest.”

When players are as well-established as Nick Dal Santo, it’s easy to forget they can sometimes get lost. As part of Channel Seven’s #DISCOVERED series, Dal Santo speaks about his personal life, his passions away from the footy field and what he’s learnt from his 13 years in the AFL system.

“Footy’s taught me so many things over the years – good and bad,” Dal Santo reflects.

“I’ve been in some situations that most people wouldn’t have to go through… I think it just develops you as a person.”

As part of the #DISCOVERED feature, the former Saint also discusses his decision to join North Melbourne – one he spent many hours agonising over.

“That was almost the most frustrating part,” Dal Santo says.

“Nobody actually told me what to do. I had to make that decision myself.”

The full feature can be found below. To learn more about the #DISCOVERED series, click here.