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Dockers flying through FebFast

Fremantle stars Matt De Boer and David Mundy are seven days into their FebFast challenge and are yet to encounter any hiccups. FebFast has challenged footy and netball teams from around the country to make a commitment to their health for the month of February in an effort to kick-start their 2014 seasons. Participants can take 28 days off alcohol, sugar, caffeine or time out from digital screens while raising money for charities that support vulnerable young people.

The two Dockers are abstaining from drinking coffee and alcohol for the month to help raise money for Ladder, the AFL Players’ Association’s official charity, while setting a positive example for young people.

Speaking on 1116 SEN on Thursday, De Boer said, “The tougher one at the moment is coffee, because you can go without alcohol during pre-season. I think the coffee’s hurting David the most.”

De Boer revealed the move has put him in the good books with his coach.

“I think Ross [Lyon] is pretty happy about it as well, with pre-season ramping up.”

The 23-year-old Docker knows from experience the positive effect refraining from drinking alcohol can have.

“The recovery aspect of not drinking alcohol is massive, particularly later in the year,” De Boer said.

The opportunity to have a positive influence on the lives of young people is another factor De Boer values.

“David and I have always been very fortunate in having strong role models in our lives, with Dads and coaches to teach us the importance of self-discipline, working hard and training hard. To go for a month without your strong vices – whether it’s caffeine or digital screens, whatever it might be – teaches you really good self-discipline, which translates into your football or whichever sport you’re playing.”