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Footy’s prime real estate

Radio isn’t a visual medium, so the Triple M Hot Breakfast team were surprised when Essendon captain Jobe Watson showed up to an on-air interview looking a little over-dressed on Wednesday morning.

As it turned out, there was a very simple explanation.

“I’m off to work after this!” Watson explained.

The Bombers’ skipper has been completing work experience at Infolio, a buyers advocate firm.

“I did five years at Evans and Partners [a brokerage firm] and I really enjoyed that, but I suppose the sharemarket wasn’t as interesting to me as the property market is,” Watson said.

“You’re sort of making dreams come true by purchasing homes and things like that. It’s quite a rewarding job.”

Given the manner in which Watson has developed himself as a footballer over the years, it shouldn’t be surprising to hear about the effort he’s making to grow his skill-set beyond footy. It’s further proof that players, regardless of how good they are on the field, place enormous importance on planning for life after footy.

The Hot Breakfast team appeared taken aback by Watson’s work.

Eddie McGuire told co-host Mick Molloy, “Jobe is working more than you on his day off!”

The full interview can be found below.