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Franklin still king of the kids

Sydney has welcomed ‘Buddy’ Franklin with open arms since the former Hawk moved to the harbour city at the end of last season. But while there have been countless Swans’ fans overjoyed with the move, few have been quite as excited as those at The Settlement – a community centre for local Indigenous children.

Franklin and teammate Lewis Jetta dropped by The Settlement to present the kids with some hats and footballs, and to just “hang out”.

“It’s good for all the kids to have somewhere they can hang out and enjoy themselves,” Jetta said. “As long as they’ve got a smile on their face we’re happy.”

Acting manager of The Settlement, Ellie Rule was delighted to have the Swans stars there, and said “having positive role models for these kids is fantastic.”

If the video below is anything to go by, there’ll be plenty of young Sydney fans with number 23 on their guernseys in 2014.