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Guthrie’s Anatomy

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The science labs at La Trobe’s Bundoora Campus are a long way from Simonds Stadium, but if you hang around long enough, you’re a good chance to find Cameron Guthrie there, hard at work examining dead bodies as part of his anatomy studies on his day off from footy.

Four years into a Bachelor of Health Sciences at La Trobe University, Guthrie says anatomy has been one of his favourite subjects.

“It’s pretty involved, getting into the lab to examine dead bodies. We get close up and it can be quite confronting, but it’s a great teaching tool,” he says.

“I’ve also really enjoyed physiology as well, as it leads on from anatomy.”

“It’s pretty involved, getting into the lab to examine dead bodies” – Cameron Guthrie

Thinking ahead from the start of his AFL career, Guthrie felt it was really important to commence studying in his first year of footy.

“I chose the Bachelor of Health Sciences at La Trobe because it will open a few doors.  It will be great to have a degree and from there,” he explains.

“I can see what to do next – it could lead to things like physio, podiatry, OT or even nursing. It’s important to have some study underway for the end of my footy career or in case footy doesn’t work out.”

Whilst he doesn’t get to spend as much time on campus as he’d like, Guthrie speaks highly of the La Trobe teaching environment and the facilities.

“Everyone is really friendly, and when I do get to the campus it’s a great experience.  The staff are great, and we often do group work in my course, which I find is great because everyone is always keen to work well together and do well on the assessments.

“The campus has everything we need, and it’s in a nice setting out on a big acreage.  The library is well resourced and some of our classes are in one of the newer buildings which is pretty impressive,” he says.

“Because of footy, I can’t get to all my lectures, so it’s also great to be able to catch up online.  We also get to do some of our assessments online in our own time.”

Being an elite athlete, Guthrie says the University is really accommodating and flexible around his football commitments.

“I have a contact person to go to when I need some help with changing classes and the like.  The teachers have also been great and accommodating.  I would certainly recommend the university to other players.  You have to work hard, but if you do, the teachers will be only happy to help.”

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