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Hard Ball Gets – Player Relations Update

This week’s update deals with 3 big items on the agenda – International Rules and Representative Football; Congestion; and the CBA Review.

International Rules and Representative Football

As you’ll be aware, the Players Association has been in discussions with the AFL regarding the re-introduction of a representative football match at the start of the 2015 season.

We’re strong supporters of representative football, as are the majority of players.

Unfortunately, neither the AFL executive nor the clubs support the re-introduction of representative football next year, with the AFL’s principal focus in this regard being the international rules match late this year. While we’re disappointed with the AFL’s view on representative football, we’re supportive of the international rules concept, and are hopeful that a strong international rules match this year could pave the way for further discussions with the AFL regarding representative football generally.

Congestion and the aesthetics of the game

In recent days there has been a lot of commentary about the look of the game, and suggestions from some commentators about making the game more open.

We believe it’s too early in the season to be making any definitive comments about the state of the game.  We will continue to monitor any trends that are emerging closely, and consult with players on any issues that the laws of the game committee are considering. We also have a player representative on the Laws of the Game Committee, Beau Waters, and are involved in any discussions taking place by the AFL.

CBA Review

Our discussions with the AFL, which have involved a number of players including Drew Petrie, Will Minson and Dan Jackson, are ongoing. We’re very pleased with the progress that’s been made, which should see improved benefits for players on a number of levels.