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@home with Ivan Maric

It’s no surprise that Ivan Maric feels most at home when he is with his family, as he explained on this week’s @home series on Network 7.

The Tiger had a unique upbringing, speaking Croatian as his first language before picking up English when he began his schooling.

“I look back and it was a pretty special upbringing. I got to experience a different culture.”

The 200cm ruckman grew up in a big Croatian family. His mother is one of eleven children and his dad is one of eight.

“I’ve got 30-something cousins,” he says.

“Having a big family means you have a huge support network and that’s what I had growing up.”

Maric lived in Adelaide for seven years whilst playing for the Crows and said he found it difficult being so far away from home.

“I really missed family and the family environment,” he admits.

“I suppose when I come here now I can get a feel of everything that is going on.”

“I’m so grateful that I grew up in a good family and Ladder is doing a great thing having the players getting involved and helping out… and just raising awareness which is fantastic.”

@AFLPlayers are proud to support Ladder – every time a player runs out onto the field for his team, he donates $25 to Ladder. 

As a group, players are committed to helping young people who have been homeless find a place where they feel at home. Join the players in supporting Ladder and match their donation today by clicking here. Together we can help Ladder to end youth homelessness.