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Join the club

Join the club

Any footballer who has played a senior game of AFL is eligible to join and take advantage of the wealth of services available to Alumni members.

The service provides a support network that offers assistance in a range of important areas relating to life after footy, such as:

–          Health and wellbeing,

–          Financial prosperity,

–          Continued education, and

–          Social connections.

Membership is extremely affordable – a once-off payment of $50 is required, or $25 for seniors – and will be of benefit for years to come.

Specific benefits include:

–          Bulk-billed medical consultations pertaining to injuries suffered during an AFL career,

–          The re-imbursement of any health insurance excess fee (up to $500 a year) related to a required hospital stay,

–          Access to advice from professional financial advisers

–          Invitations to all past player events held throughout the year.

To express an interest in joining, or for more information, simply e-mail AFL Players’ Association Alumni Manager Brad Fisher –