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Murray Browne to lead Alumni Advisory Board

The AFL Players’ Association is proud to announce that it has re-established its Alumni Advisory Board. Chaired by former Collingwood and Fitzroy player, Murray Browne, the Board aims to develop the best possible retirement program for the PA’s Alumni members.

“We want to try and help support all the AFL club Past Player Associations, help them to get stronger and introduce a range of services they can provide to their past players,” said Browne.

Browne will be working alongside a group of club Past Player Association presidents including Barry Capuano, Frank Goode and Paul Dimattina. Former Fremantle player Brad Wira will be the Board’s Western Australian delegate and financial consultant.

The Board will meet quarterly to discuss issues concerning past players, including the topic of health and wellbeing, which was on the agenda of the Board’s first meeting held last week.

“We have the Players Trust and the Geoff Pryor Fund which helps guys who have medical costs and need some medical assistance,” explained Browne.

The transition from AFL into the workforce was also put up for discussion with the idea of having past players helping new retirees find jobs.

“We spoke about creating a business directory for past players. They can use each other’s services and there are possibly even some employment opportunities that come from that,” said Browne.

“There’s a whole range of things we’re trying to do to help guys through their life.”

“What we want to be is a really good support system to all the clubs so if they need anything they can put their hand up and we can help them out. The help and support thing is the big issue,” he said.