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NBA Star Mills shares Goodes story

Following an unsavoury incident at a college basketball game in America this week, Australian NBA star Patty Mills has used Twitter to suggest athletes learn from the example set by Sydney champion and 2014 Australian of the Year Adam Goodes.

Oklahoma State basketballer Marcus Smart was allegedly racially vilified by a supporter of opposition side Texas Tech and reacted by pushing him, landing him a three-game suspension. Less than a year earlier Goodes faced a similar predicament, but reacted very differently.

Mills – an Indigenous Australian who plays for the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA –  wrote a series of tweets to draw parallels between the two incidents, suggesting that whilst basketballer Marcus Smart was justifiably upset, he would do well to learn from the example set by Adam Goodes.

Just hours after Mills shared Goodes’s story his tweets had been favourited by more than 300 accounts and retweeted more than 200 times. Many of Mills’s 82,000 Twitter followers would have had little or no previous exposure to Australian Football; It’s hard to think of a better story for him to have shared on a global stage.