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Players find hope

The Band4Hope Project empowers people to spread hope through trackable wristbands passed on to inspire acts of kindness and raise money for charity.

The bands are intended to be worn for a month before being passed on to another person who displays an act of kindness or inspires hope. The bands are inscribed with a unique ID allowing the band to be tracked around the world as it is passed on.

A collaboration between the AFL Players’ Association and Band4Hope has resulted in 200 customised ‘AFL Players’ bands –  designed and manufactured in Africa, and now being shared throughout the broader football community here in Australia.  Each of these trackable wristbands is linked to the player’s charity – Ladder.

The AFL Players’ Association joined the hope movement due to its relevance to football, performance and community.  Player Development Manager, Craig Lambert, approached the AFL Players’ Association to bring the initiative to Blacktown and every GWS Giant within the Leadership Group was given a band to pass on.