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Riewoldt readies himself for Maddie’s Match 2.0

It’s been two years since Nick Riewoldt launched Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision to help find a cure for the disease that claimed the life of the St Kilda champion’s sister.

For the second time, the former St Kilda skipper is set to do battle in Round 16 against cousin Jack’s Tigers, while raising awareness and funds for the MRV charity.

The 2017 version of Maddie’s Match will be a historical one for the Saints, with the club removing a part of their uniform for the first time.

“For the first time in the club’s history, they’re ditching the red stripe and replacing it with purple,” Riewoldt told

“It’s an amazing gesture and Richmond are doing something with their jumper as well, which is exciting, and we also have the scarfs and activation at the ground.”

Riewoldt’s teammates also chipped in to help the cause, donating all $10,000 of their Players Care funds to Maddie’s Vision.

The charity has raised $1.6M since its inception and aims to gather another $300,000 from this year’s Maddie’s Match.

While Riewoldt acknowledges the ambitiousness of this year’s target, the 34-year-old is hopeful given both club’s are finals bound.

“Both teams are really well positioned,” Riewoldt added.

“Off field, there’s a lot of importance with respects to finding a cure for bone marrow failure but on field the ramifications are huge as well, so I’m expecting a big crowd.”

To donate to Maddie Riewdolt’s Vision, head to or bring a purple, $5 note to the game on Saturday night.

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