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Run The Tan with Dan this Wednesday!

If you fancy yourself as a runner – and have ever wanted to test yourself against an AFL midfielder – next Wednesday, May 28, is your chance!

Thanks to TeamUp, you’re invited to #RunTheTanWithDan Jackson at 7AM next Wednesday, meeting at the corner of Anderson St and Alexandra Ave.

“I do enjoy a contest but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the social aspect of running” – Dan Jackson

It seems everyone in Melbourne has run the 3.8 kilometer track at some point – from footy’s speedsters, through to media performers such as Dave Hughes and Andy Maher. But few times stack up alongside Richmond’s Dan Jackson’s. The reigning Tigers’ Best and Fairest has previously run The Tan in 12 minutes and 36 seconds – setting a Richmond record alongside then-teammate Matt White, who finished at the same time.

Jackson has previously written for about his love of running – both social and competitive.

“I do enjoy a contest but sometimes it’s nice to enjoy the social aspect of running; nothing beats throwing in the headphones, cranking your favourite tunes and zoning out whilst hitting the pavement,” Jackson wrote.

Wednesday’s meet shapes as something between a social jog and a competitive race. Jackson will race against participants in a staggered start around the Tan, with runners of all abilities encouraged to join in. With one eye on the Dreamtime At The ‘G clash, Jackson mightn’t be running at full tilt – but he’s still sure to be tough to beat. Given his competitive nature, there’s every chance he won’t be able to help himself when it becomes a dash to the finish line.

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